Argie and Bernice Humphreys, the founders of Humphreys Bakery, started baking in the late 1930’s. Argie started by peddling turnovers to workmen at the Dukes County Garage.

The food that the Humphreys’ were baking became more and more popular and soon, Bangs Market wanted to sell their baked goods in the store on Main Street.

The Humphreys were also selling baked goods at the Farmers Market in West Tisbury where they had a booth. The family would bake into the night to get food ready.

When World War II started in 1941 the family left the Farmers Market and began the Vineyard Foodshop Bakery in Vineyard Haven with 3 other women. One by one the other women decided that they didn’t want to contribute food to the bakery anymore but the Humphreys stayed in their location on Main Street Vineyard Haven (where the Bagel Authority is today).

history-4In 1951 the family moved to North Tisbury to the homestead of Bernice’s family and Argie began construction on a roadside bakery next to their home. Here Bernice and Argie and their four children Bart, Rosalie, Joyce and Bernice all worked together as a family in the store.

In the 1970’s Argie retired and his son Bart took over the family business. Mike Diaz, his niece Donna Kirby’s husband, began working for Bart in 1990 and in 1996 Bart passed the family business on to his niece Donna and her husband Mike the current owners

The two added a delicatessen and are the creators of the now famous Turkey Gobbler as well as many other delicious sandwiches. Along with their children Michael and Christina the family worked in the location in North Tisbury for many years.

In 2001 the Diaz family added a store in Edgartown on Winter Street and in 2005 added another location in Oak Bluffs.

In 2005, after a termination of their lease on the original building, the Diaz’s closed the doors in West Tisbury and moved Humphreys to the current location in Woodland Center, Vineyard Haven.

Sadly, the original location in West Tisbury was sold out of the family and demolished in 2007. However, the legacy of Humphreys still lives on in the other locations.

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